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Activities: Explore Your Interests In After School Clubs

Performing Arts 

Performing Arts teaches many great skills such as communication, confidence, creative thinking, memorization, imagination, vocal projection, working with others, listening skills, taking directions, building friendships, and so much more. All skills that help students perfect their presentation and public speaking skills.

Our students hold a fall play and annual spring performance for their peers and the community. Auditions are held and all who would like to participate will be given the opportunity to whether it is the lead or a part of the crew who assists in making the performance come alive on stage.

Mandarin Program

Our twice-weekly Mandarin Program follow a developmentally correct curriculum and introduces Mandarin at an early age, making the learning process fun and creative. Games and activities are used as younger learners develop their receptive skills much faster than their productive skills. This is important to keep in mind, as we create the basis for a more profound study of language in the future. This approach encourages spontaneous language production; it helps students develop the ability to use the language in a proper and meaningful context, much in the same way that they learn their own language.


Mandarin is offered in two sessions annually and meets twice weekly for one hour and is open to students in grades K-5th.

Art Club

Let your imagine run free in Art Club! Led by an art teacher Community School of Music and Arts. The Art Club meets weekly to draw, paint and sculpt using famous artists for inspiration.

The Art Club holds two sessions per school year and is open to students in grades 1st – 5th for one hour after school.


Chess Club

There are many benefits of playing chess for children. Chess builds concentration, confidence, sportsmanship and practical visualization. The children use their imagination, logic, and memory for better decision-making. They also acquire a greater appreciation of learning, reasoning, responsibility and discipline.

The Chess Club meets weekly for one hour and is broken into two sessions over the course of the school year and has the opportunity to compete in a Chess Tournament at the end of the year.


A National Master teaches the Chess Club and each class is divided into two parts. The first part of class is spent working on instruction in chess fundamentals and the second part focuses on practical application through playing.



Mathletics Club

Mathletics is a curriculum-based math resource that covers all aspects of mathematics. Mathletics Club meets weekly helping students improve their math skills while engaging in fun activities. The activities used respond to your child’s individual strengths andweakness and gives instance student feedback allowing for individual students to work at their own level and improve in the areas needed. The Mathletics Club also competes in three Math Olympiads each year.


Robotics Club

Experience the magic of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the fun and challenge of robotics! Develop higher order thinking skills such as planning and debugging, and collaboration skills, by working as part of a team to meet specific goals with a deadline. Students are welcome, regardless of prior experience; activities follow a logical progression from beginner-oriented in the fall through advanced in the spring. Lower grade robotics focuses on designing and building, while upper grade robotics emphasizes design challenges and programming.


Robotics Club meets weekly for one hour and fifteen minutes and

holds two sessions per year. Robotics is open to students in grades

1st-8th and led by


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