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Parent Life


Many parents and students speak of the St. Nicholas Community as their “extended family.” You will spend many years with our community and the bond begins right from the beginning.


Once you are accepted into St. Nicholas School, your family will receive a Buddy Family to explain the ins and outs of St. Nicholas School. St. Nicholas opens the school year with a Back-to-School picnic and provides numerous social events for parents and families throughout the year, from coffees and class parent get-togethers to our annual auction! At the auction, we typically have a number of adult “theme parties” hosted by parents available for sign-ups, and these are a great way to meet other parents in a fun social setting.


St. Nicholas also encourages parents to  get involved in the school. You can volunteer in your child’s classroom or to drive a field trip; become a member or officer of our Parent-Teacher Group; or help the school with your time and talents outside school hours. Because we are small community, you will quickly get to know your child’s classmates and their parents -- and often these become lifelong friendships for our parents as well.

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