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Academics at St. Nicholas School

St. Nicholas School carefully designs our TK-8th grade academic curricula to ensure students, at each grade level, are well prepared for success in high school. School administration works  in concert with high school curricula directors to ensure students meet or exceed the Catholic high school College Preparatory requirements during high school placement exams. We are proud to offer individualized, accelerated paths in mathematics starting in junior high; immersive literature and composition programs from K to 8th and strong science, social sciences, religion for all grades. Spanish is taught in junior high, along with quarterly interest based electives.


The faculty and staff at St. Nicholas School is devoted to providing students the best education possible while instilling in them a lifelong love of learning. We foster an atmosphere where students grow knowing God loves them; where they develop moral compasses becoming confident, compassionate individuals with a sense of self-worth.  St. Nicholas inspires curiosity for learning by providing critical thinking opportunities that lead students to develop their God-given individual gifts and leaderships skills while challenging their abilities to face obstacles with creativity, confidence, and perseverance.

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Young Celtic TK and Kindergarten students enter their first years at St. Nicholas ready to learn, explore, grow and play! Exploration of the arts, sciences, natural world is unparalleled at St. Nicholas ~ 17 acres of outdoor discovery, garden based learning and age appropriate TK ~ K instruction.  

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Strong academic and spiritual foundations are laid in St. Nicholas Elementary School. Our mission is to educate confident, self aware students who are inquisitive, interested and inspired within their world. St. Nicholas School’s Elementary years are dedicated to mastering and exceeding academic content while learning collaboration, organization and project management skills important for junior high and beyond.


St. Nicholas School Junior High students build upon the foundations of Elementary school. Academic coursework is specifically aligned to ensure students success given the rigors of nearby College Preparatory High Schools.  Junior High students advance upon individualized tracks within Math and, given appropriate placement results, have the opportunity to take Geometry in eighth grade. Our immersive Literature and Comprehension program prepares Junior High Celtics to not only read and comprehend the complexities of the world, but express themselves effectively in words. Academic strength is complemented by spiritual strength; St. Nicholas Junior High students are held up as role models and mentors to the elementary school; modeling Christ-like behavior to their buddies and setting the tone for the school.  


St. Nicholas School is committed to growth mindset and academic excellence, and it shows in our test results!  

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St. Nicholas School is proud to send nearly all of our graduates to their first choice high school where our students are recognized as leaders and peer role models by high school administration.     

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