Results Matter

We are proud that St. Nicholas School students score extremely well, both nationally and locally, on standardized test scores and have achieved great results.  

How St. Nicholas Students Compare Nationally
St. Nicholas School is proud to rank in the top 10% of schools in the nation for math57% of our students rank at or above the 90% percentile in math with only 1% of our population below the 25th percentile. St. Nicholas School ranks in the top 18% of schools in the nation for English Language Arts (ELA). We are proud to report that 33% of our students rank at or above the 90th percentile in ELA with only 4% falling below the 25th percentile.
How St. Nicholas School Ranks Against Our Local School Districts


St. Nicholas School exceeds all local school districts in both elementary and middle school reading and math proficiencies.

*The Renaissance STAR Assessment System data is calculated based on Student Performance Outlook on the May 2019 **California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

St. Nicholas School delivers rigorous, results oriented education while prioritizing spiritual growth and community stewardship. We graduate academically strong yet well rounded, globally conscious students ready for the future.

At St. Nicholas, results matter.